Welcome to Fay-West Dental Center

Welcome to Fay-West Dental CenterWelcome to Fay-West Dental CenterWelcome to Fay-West Dental Center


Due to COVID-19 concerns and adherence with Professional, State and Federal mandates our office is only treating patients that are deemed Urgent.  Dentures adjustments, denture repairs and Patients in pain. We have very limited hours but have someone taking calls Monday thru Thursday starting on May 4.  

Faywest Dental Center offers a wide variety of Dentures and Dental Services.  Including same day dentures, extractions, fillings, full mouth rehabilitation and hygiene. For a brighter smile, teeth whitening is a great option that we can help you with as well. Call today for your appointment. 

About Us


Tried & True

Fay-West Dental Center has been caring for patients for over 40 years.  Dr. James E. Nicolette started this practice in 1980 and we specialized in making high quality same day dentures utilizing our own in-house lab.  This allowed us to control the quality of the product that our patients would be wearing.  To this day our dentures are made right here and the quality is still second to none.  Fay-West is also a full service dental practice offering a full array of general dentistry and hygiene.


Our amazing staff

Our staff has a combined 200+ years of experience most of which was gained right here at Fay-West.  Our Chief dentist, Dr. Randall Palmiscno has been practicing here for 20+ years; his gentle nature and steady hands has made him a patients favorite.  Pictured beside Dr. Palmiscno is Dr. James Nicolette, founder of Faywest Dental.  

Drs. Daniel Whirlow and Pete Eddy are also on staff with us bringing with them a profound knowledge and skill in Periodontics and Endodontics.


Beautiful Dentures

Our experienced in-house lab combined with our dental floor professionals work together to produce a beautiful denture that you can be proud of.  Let us show you the different options available and produce an appliance that will fit you as well as your budget.